Weekend Weigh-in

{01/19/2010}   Lindy Lou Who?
happy feet! My swing dance class starts back up next Monday, exciting!

I have two friends from two different universities who had been telling me how much fun swing dance is. One of them started going to classes a few nights a week plus occasional lindy hop weekends… a year or two later, he was teaching the moves! I’ve been hooked since the first lesson. I’m not the best dancer — I’m not the best at anything requiring motor skills 😉 — but I have lots of fun, and I’m making friends.

These classes do a great job of teaching people. We have “leads” (mostly men) and “follows” (mostly women). Every class, the two teachers have either the leads or follows rotate partners every couple of minutes so everyone dances with everyone. The way I see it, this serves three purposes: 1) good dancers will help the bad dancers catch on to the moves, 2) everyone has a chance to dance with a partner, even if there are different numbers of leads and follows, and 3) switching partners disseminates teh potential awkward. Most everyone who comes to class comes without a partner, and this way people won’t stress over it.

But what if you want to ask someone to dance? Folks have the chance to ask people to dance after the lesson, when there is open practice set to music. The teachers say that this open practice is actually when people develop their skills because it’s more think-on-your-feet as opposed to repeating the same practiced steps in a lesson.


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