Weekend Weigh-in

I’ve been overweight for most of my life. I have had cycles where I’ve eaten way too much and cycles where I’ve eaten way too little. It’s time for me to find a balance.

Still, I’d like to look over the past year. 2009 was a rough year for me, weight-wise, and it took me a looong time to figure out why. I think I have finally figured out the reason: I started taking hormonal (progesterone only) birth control. In January, I weighed 163 pounds. By the summer, that had risen to 190, and I had gone from being overweight to being obese.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention. When I started to gain, I attributed it to eating at restaurants more than usual because I had a new boyfriend. But 27 pounds in six months…

190 was the most I’d ever weighed (by 3.5 pounds), and I was depressed. I felt like I had lost control over my weight and my body. I had been working out some — not as much as I should have been, but not little enough to average a pound gain steadily every week for six months.

I began watching my diet more strictly. This, combined with working out and my temporary pizza delivery job (I was on my feet constantly, and I rarely ate the food) helped me stabilize. However, I was not just avoiding pizza; I was using my job to avoid eating. When I had a few days off, felt poorly, or overate because of other reasons, I seemed to gain multiple pounds in mere days. I had never felt so powerless over my weight.

Finally, I wondered about the hormones. This seems to have been the problem. I’m still taking them (although I have switched from the mini-pill to the shot, I use the same type of hormone), but this fall I seemed to finally have leveled off. I think that my weight has stabilized after my body adjusted to being on these hormones. Now I begin the long journey of losing my weight from last year and going even further to get healthy.

It bothers me that I’m starting off over 10 pounds heavier than last year. Still, I’m glad that I finally feel like I have control over whether I lose, gain or maintain my weight. That makes the difference. I know that I can keep pushing myself now because I know my efforts will continue in whichever direction I push them toward.


[Aside: Thank you, spammer friend, for sending me a link to watch The Biggest Loser online! Woo!]

I have two cousins that are longtime fans of The Biggest Loser. They have tried several times to get on the show as a team. They’d be wonderful candidates — they’re spunky and positive and energetic, great for TV. They love The Biggest Loser; they’ve gone to casting calls, made a dynamic blog for the Million Pound Match-Up, etc.

And I’ve always rooted for them to make it on because it’d be a great opportunity, and I have no doubt that they’d go far with it.

But Jillian, the “tough love” trainer, said something on the show (USA season 9 episode 1) that really put things in perspective. She said, “This is the end of the road, this place. This place — you don’t wanna end up here. It’s the end of the road, here. Last stop.”

Now I understand why they’ve never been picked, and why they probably will never be. Whenever you see people starting the show, they say things about not being used to running, biking or whatnot. My cousins are very active. They love to snowboard, and I believe they go running too. As much as I’d like for them to have the opportunity they dream of, I’m glad to know that the folks from the show believe in them too. They know my cousins can get healthy on their own. Go get ’em, kin.

{01/12/2010}   Dog’s Eye View

Please be patient with me. I have been working on my health and weight loss for a long time, way before I started this blog. I am having a difficult week with food, but I have been doing well with exercise.

Yesterday, I walked my dog and my puppy (two separate walks; we are training the puppy). Today, the puppy met a sheepdog! The sheepdog is only three years old; it was so funny watching such a big animal leap back and forth like a tiny puppy.

So today I walked all three of my dogs (three separate walks). The dog I walked today but not yesterday isn’t the biggest fan of walks; she is tiny and prissy and prone to something like asthma. She seemed to enjoy walking three houses down our street, wheezing heavily, and prancing home.

PS — Does anyone remember the band from the blog title? I love “Everything Falls Apart”!

As much as I love school — and I do! I am working toward my Master’s degree — I feel ready for a break. Not a vacation, but ready to get a job in the “real world.” I may someday go after those lovely three letters, but for now, when I graduate, I’ll be looking for a job.

And that’s cool. School is supposed to prepare you for a career, right? I just feel like I need a break after so many years of higher education. I have felt overwhelmed for several days now, and I don’t have my first class until Thursday.

I don’t know why I’m so stressed out. I’m taking as many hours as I did last semester, and I did fine then. Still, I stress. I stress and eat. Even my tongue feels irritated because I have been overeating so much (maybe it is scratched up from too many rice cakes?)!

Dear NBC,

I’m a longtime fan of your programming and of watching it online. I regularly watch The Office online and have enjoyed The Biggest Loser on television in the past. But it’s time we talk.

I looked up The Biggest Loser, hoping to watch the premiere of season 9. It was not there! And I had thought that you hosted all your shows online.

Surely The Biggest Loser, which is so saturated with product placement, should have no trouble converting to an online medium. You have included a range of supplementary videos, indicating that there is a demand for viewing that program online. However, the episode is nowhere to be found. This is discouraging. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch your show until you provide access to it online.

Please start giving the same consideration and flexibility to your Biggest Loser fans as you do to the fans of your other shows. Thanks for listening!

Weekend Weigh-in

Banner for "The Biggest Loser" on NBC's Website

{01/10/2010}   F5 [starting BMI: 28.9]

It’s a new year, and it’s time to hit that F5 button: Refresh.

A little about me…
I’m working on my master’s degree (history, woo!), and this past fall I got engaged to the man of my dreams! School can be overwhelming at times, but I feel like things are finally working out.

A little about my weight loss goals…
This weekend, I weigh in at 173.6 pounds. My BMI is 28.9, or in the overweight range, which begins at 150 pounds for me. My goal is to weigh 149 by the end of 2010. I would like to go further into my healthy range, but this is my short-term goal.

A little about my motivation…
I want to be healthy before I get married. Yes, it will probably be the most photographed day of my life, and sure, confidence plays a role. I want to feel good in my gown and not worry about how I’ll look in candids. But the wedding is just one day. I want to start my marriage healthy so I can enjoy every moment to the fullest!

A little about my blog…
I plan to update frequently; my weigh ins for the blog will be on Sundays. I will weigh in on other health and weight loss topics as I see fit!

I hope you enjoy Weekend Weigh-in. Please leave comments, questions or suggested topics for exploration. Thanks for reading!

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