Weekend Weigh-in

{01/10/2010}   F5 [starting BMI: 28.9]

It’s a new year, and it’s time to hit that F5 button: Refresh.

A little about me…
I’m working on my master’s degree (history, woo!), and this past fall I got engaged to the man of my dreams! School can be overwhelming at times, but I feel like things are finally working out.

A little about my weight loss goals…
This weekend, I weigh in at 173.6 pounds. My BMI is 28.9, or in the overweight range, which begins at 150 pounds for me. My goal is to weigh 149 by the end of 2010. I would like to go further into my healthy range, but this is my short-term goal.

A little about my motivation…
I want to be healthy before I get married. Yes, it will probably be the most photographed day of my life, and sure, confidence plays a role. I want to feel good in my gown and not worry about how I’ll look in candids. But the wedding is just one day. I want to start my marriage healthy so I can enjoy every moment to the fullest!

A little about my blog…
I plan to update frequently; my weigh ins for the blog will be on Sundays. I will weigh in on other health and weight loss topics as I see fit!

I hope you enjoy Weekend Weigh-in. Please leave comments, questions or suggested topics for exploration. Thanks for reading!


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