Weekend Weigh-in

My sweet fiance told me about this little girl’s wish, and it just touched my heart. His parents heard about her because she lives in a neighboring county.

There is a little girl who is 8 years old and has terminal cancer. Her wish is to get 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards. I’m sure she’d love to see some from out-of-state too!

Here’s her information:
Danielle Bartlette
260 Country Club Road
Richwood, WV 26261

Please help fulfill her wish by sending cards and passing this message along!


{01/13/2010}   Help Haiti

Quick break to say…
Do something good for the world. Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross earthquake relief for Haiti.

Warm thoughts, love and prayers.

[Aside: Thank you, spammer friend, for sending me a link to watch The Biggest Loser online! Woo!]

I have two cousins that are longtime fans of The Biggest Loser. They have tried several times to get on the show as a team. They’d be wonderful candidates — they’re spunky and positive and energetic, great for TV. They love The Biggest Loser; they’ve gone to casting calls, made a dynamic blog for the Million Pound Match-Up, etc.

And I’ve always rooted for them to make it on because it’d be a great opportunity, and I have no doubt that they’d go far with it.

But Jillian, the “tough love” trainer, said something on the show (USA season 9 episode 1) that really put things in perspective. She said, “This is the end of the road, this place. This place — you don’t wanna end up here. It’s the end of the road, here. Last stop.”

Now I understand why they’ve never been picked, and why they probably will never be. Whenever you see people starting the show, they say things about not being used to running, biking or whatnot. My cousins are very active. They love to snowboard, and I believe they go running too. As much as I’d like for them to have the opportunity they dream of, I’m glad to know that the folks from the show believe in them too. They know my cousins can get healthy on their own. Go get ’em, kin.

Dear NBC,

I’m a longtime fan of your programming and of watching it online. I regularly watch The Office online and have enjoyed The Biggest Loser on television in the past. But it’s time we talk.

I looked up The Biggest Loser, hoping to watch the premiere of season 9. It was not there! And I had thought that you hosted all your shows online.

Surely The Biggest Loser, which is so saturated with product placement, should have no trouble converting to an online medium. You have included a range of supplementary videos, indicating that there is a demand for viewing that program online. However, the episode is nowhere to be found. This is discouraging. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch your show until you provide access to it online.

Please start giving the same consideration and flexibility to your Biggest Loser fans as you do to the fans of your other shows. Thanks for listening!

Weekend Weigh-in

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