Weekend Weigh-in

{01/12/2010}   Dog’s Eye View

Please be patient with me. I have been working on my health and weight loss for a long time, way before I started this blog. I am having a difficult week with food, but I have been doing well with exercise.

Yesterday, I walked my dog and my puppy (two separate walks; we are training the puppy). Today, the puppy met a sheepdog! The sheepdog is only three years old; it was so funny watching such a big animal leap back and forth like a tiny puppy.

So today I walked all three of my dogs (three separate walks). The dog I walked today but not yesterday isn’t the biggest fan of walks; she is tiny and prissy and prone to something like asthma. She seemed to enjoy walking three houses down our street, wheezing heavily, and prancing home.

PS — Does anyone remember the band from the blog title? I love “Everything Falls Apart”!


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