Weekend Weigh-in

{01/23/2010}   Balance Ballin: First Impressions of Reebok Easy Tone

My Easy Tone shoes came in the mail last night! Reebok claims that the style has “balance ball technology” in the soles to work your calves an extra 11% and your ass an extra 28%. Despite this, my first impression is that they aren’t particularly difficult to walk in, although I do feel slightly less balanced than usual.

Still, they aren’t as comfortable as other shoes. The Easy Tone has a cushy insole like other tennis shoes, but it didn’t come up to my high arches. Now I’m not sure if it was the insole (which I’m sure could be replaced with Dr. Scholl’s if need be) or the soles, but my feet didn’t feel flat on the ground. Consequently, when I first put them on, my feet felt tense instead of refreshed.

I wore these all day without any major trippin’ (success!!) even up and down the many steps of a local art college. I also went to the gym and rode the stationery bike for just over 20 minutes. I got off when my toes started to go numb (what’s that about?). But later this afternoon, I could definitely feel the extra 11% aching in my calves from that brief bike ride. I don’t feel the 28% as much, but in all fairness, I worked my 11% harder today.

my new kicks

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